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April, 1998

New Support Employees

We are proud to be able to announce that we have been able to improve our support by adding five new people. They started to care for requests by e-mail some days ago and they are also present at the respective mailing lists.

Please welcome Udo, Martin, Klaus, Sebastian and Philipp :-)

There is also a new and improved support page on our web site that covers all kinds of support we offer for our products.

Neue Support-Mitarbeiter

Wir freuen uns, fünf neue Support-Mitarbeiter vorstellen zu können. Einige werden sie schon kennengelernt haben, denn sie sind schon seit einigen Tagen in Mailing-Listen und beim E-Mail-Support präsent.

Herzlich willkommen Udo, Martin, Klaus, Sebastian und Philipp :-)

Zudem gibt es seit einer Zeit eine neue Support-Seite auf unsere Homepage, die alle Arten von Supprt beinhaltet die wir für unsere Produkte anbieten.

Product E-Mail Name
ArtEffect arteffect-support@haage-partner.com Udo Leukam
ArtEffect Localisation m.steigerwald@haage-partner.com Martin Steigerwald
X-DVE, FontMachine (ClassX) classx-support@haage-partner.com Klaus Ziereis
PageStream pagestream-support@haage-partner.com Sebastian Becker
Fusion (German only) fusion-support@haage-partner.com Philipp Leusmann
General Support Area Support Area  

To get more information, please visit our homepage: www.haage-partner.com

HAAGE & PARTNER is the leading manufacturer of Development Systems and Applications for the Amiga family of computers. The Storm series (StormC, StormWizard, StormPowerASM) for 68K AmigaOS, PowerPC and p.OS provide a powerful suite of programming tools. Our latest project is MERAPI, which will bring the power of JAVA to the Amiga.
HAAGE & PARTNER is also the developer and/or distributor of several cutting edge applications including: ArtEffect, PowerEffects, AmigaWriter, DrawStudio, Tornado3D, NetConnect and ClassX products. Our mission is to provide the Amiga market with the most effective tools and applications possible. It's not enough to just ask: "Where do you want to go?" At Haage & Partner we are harnessing the power of the Amiga to actually help get you there!

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