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FontMachine 3

VideoFX 2


Some more on the products:


VideoFX v2
Outstanding Real-time Video Effects

The name "VideoFX" suggests that this program is meant for videos and video effects. But VideoFX is far more than this. In the beginning our aim was to create a program that could offer users a more flexible and automatic system to create videos. We wanted a program able to play animations and show images in an only environment. In other words, we wanted to create a program easy to be used. We wanted our program to be able to launch animations simply by pressing a key.

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03 Apr 2000:
The Italian video specialist has a new address. Their product MoreFX might run on the new Amigas very soon, because it is completely done in Java.

08 June 99: Samples for FontMachine & X-DVE
To show you the power of FontMachine and X-DVE to create Internet graphics Klaus Ziereis created some outstanding samples.

VideoFX 2 Demo

Now you can download a demo version of the new video effects program from our FTP server.

06-July-98: New Hints for X-DVE and FontMachine Support Area

15-June-98: New VideoFX released
VideoFX is another great product of Italian Video specialist ClassX.

12-June-98: New XFA Operator for MovieShop
Here is the new X-DVE XFA operator for use with MovieShop. It is still a beta version, so you have to request it. Request

28-Feb-98: Update for X-DVE and FontMachine
Registered users may download an update to X-DVE v3.10 and FontMachine v3.03.

X-DVE, FontMachine and VideoFX are products of Italian Video specialist ClassX. They are distributed world-wide (outside Italy) by HAAGE&PARTNER.

More information on the great products of ClassX can be found on their homepage:

X-DVE v3
The All-In-One Video Effect Program

Our firm is continually updating X-DVE in order to make this leading software the most productive, easy and powerful DTV animation/titling environment on the market.

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FontMachine v3
Animated Color-Font Fantasies
With FontMachine you can easily create any type of color font: you simply have to enhance an already existing font with shadows, shades and textures. FontMachine works in real time: it always gives an immediate answer to your action and shows the real image of the color font you are creating.

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by CU Amiga 3/98 for X-DVE v3 and FontMachine v3

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