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News Archive 2002

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[10 July 2002]
Special Sale: Freespace - The Great War
For a limited time we offer the full version of the amazing space-combat simulator from Hyperion at a very special price of 24 Euro. Buy it now or get more information on the game

[12 June 2002]
AmigaOS 3.9 Update
The ATO coordinator Söenke Tesch just released new locale files. The Greek locale is a new one, the Suomi locale got updated. 3.9 Locales

OS 3.9: Boing Bag 2 available now!
20. March 2002: H&P is proud to announce the availability of Boing Bag 2 for AmigaOS 3.9. Boing Bag 3.9-2 contains many bug fixes, small enhancement and new features in the areas multimedia (AMPlifier, PlayCD, sound datatype), shell, Workbench (Find, AsyncWB, UnArc, XAD v10), ReAction and harddisk support. The Boing Bag is delivered in three parts: The main archive with all the files needed to update AmigaOS 3.9, the translations into different languages and the contributions (CDDB library, OpenURL, ClassAction). We want to thank all people that made it possible.

Please download at least the main archive and the translation(s) for the language(s) you desire. The contributions are optional.

Note: This Update requires AmigaOS 3.9 with Boing Bag 1. AmigaOS XL users can install the Boing Bag 2 directly.

1.000.000st Visitor
11. March 2002: This weekend we had the 1.000.000st vistor on our webpages. We want to thank all visitors and we will do our best to offer an attractive website in the future too.

Freespace: Update
22. Feb. 2002: Hyperion-Entertainment just released an update of Freespace.

OS XL: Pre-installed AmigaOS XL hard disks
08. Feb. 2002: We are now offering our pre-installed AmigaOS XL hard disks outside Germany too. We offer 40 and 20 GB IDE hard disks that have the full AmigaOS XL package already installed. With a boot manager you can directly boot your Amithlon or AmigaXL/QNX system. It has never been easier to get a faaast Amiga... more

OS XL: Running AmigaOS on a PC - A review of AmigaOS XL
06. Feb. 2002: Mike Bourma wrote an interesting articel about AmigaOS XL at OSNews. It the second most successful OSNews aricle yet. Review

AmigaOS XLOS XL: Official update of Amithlon and AmigaXL
05. Feb. 2002: This is the first official AmigaOS XL Update, which will fix all known problems. Amithlon now features an improved sound output as well as enhanced mouse and keyboard drivers and a bug fixed CPU/FPU emulation. HDToolBox will now run stable again under Amithlon and AmigaXL. AmigaOS XL

PageStream 4.1 Amiga
31. Jan. 2001: Finally the Amiga version of the new PageStream 4.1 is available. The highlights of this version are: tables, built in mail merge, PDF export control over compression and encoding, custom column widths and gutters inside text frames, move pages between chapters, duplicate/transform objects across pages, speed improvements and of course much more.

Price for the update from 4.0 to 4.1 is 65 Euro. For an additional 75 Euro you can purchase a sidegrade to another OS (Mac or Windows). You can also sidegrade directly from the Amiga version to a Mac or Windows version for just 65 Euro (from PageStream 4.x) or 145 Euro (from PageStream 3.x). All prices incl. TAX. www.pagestream.de

PageStream 4.1
28. Jan. 2001: We are starting to deliver version 4.1 for Windows today. We waited a bit longer this time, because we wanted to be sure that it is a stable version. Our first test proofed that the current version 4.1.2 is very stable.

Since some time there is also the Macintosh version 4.1 available from Grasshopper. This is still not a release version, so we will wait for that. www.pagestream.de

OS 3.9: Euro Update
24. Jan. 2002: Finally we are able to release the Euro update for AmigaOS 3.9. It took a bit longer because there were some more things to consider. Many thanks to the all involved people.

This update especially contains keymaps and Amiga bitmap fonts that make it possible to use the Euro symbol on the Amiga. It also contains a German Euro keymap for AmigaOS XL. Download

AmigaOS XL
AmigaOS XL: Revised compatibility list and new addendum
08. Jan. 2002: The addendum "Using PC floppy disks with Amithlon" describes the usage of PC floppy disks to transfer data from the Amiga to Amithlon. FAQ

Thanks to the help of some customers (e.g. Heinz Gyrole, Udo Gaßner, Paul de Vries, Günter Wirth) we could add some more items to our software compatibility list: ADM, ArtStudio, Digibooster Pro, Elastic Dreams, Fantastic Dreams, Octamed Soundstudio, PhotoFolio, Photogenices, Picture Manager, X-Trace, Xi-Paint und ZShell. list

If you have tested a program that it not on the list yet, we would be pleased it you would tell us about that. Please use our form. Thank you very much.

FreespaceFreespace: Finally available
07. Jan. 2002: Last week we finally got the official approval for Freespace and already delievered all pre-orders.

Freespace was ported by
Hyperion Entertainment and it is arguably the best space-combat simulator ever to grace the Amiga platform and offers an unparalleled mix of top-notch graphics, plot and gameplay.

Freespace will run on any PPC equipped Amiga with at least 64 MB of memory or a 68060 based Amiga with 3D accelerator (e.g. Voodoo 3, Permedia 2). More information can be found at freespace.haage-partner.de.

Prices: Euro only
31. Dec. 2001: From now on all our prices are in the new European currency EURO. The new currency also caused a slight reduction of all prices. For that we just opened our new online shop that also got some more features. Please have a look yourselves: H&P-Euro-Shop

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