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News Archive 1999
Best wishes for Y2K...
We want to thank all Amigans that kept with Amiga and us in 1999. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2000...
24 Dec 99: AmigaOS 3.5 Boing-Bag 1 available !
Just in time for Christmas the first update for AmigaOS 3.5 is available for download. It contains bug fixes, some extensions and it also comes with a nice X-mas surprise...

23 Dec 99: New stock of PenPartner tablets
We can offer a small quantity of the popular Wacom PenPartner graphics tablets which are not manufactured any more.
Special X-MAS price: 189 DM.

16 Dec 99: NoPiracy News
Thanks to the help of Amiga.org a new
NoPiracy Forum is online now. It is open for all discussions on Software Piracy. NoPiracy Forum
Since some weeks there is a
poll on Piracy on the Amiga and we have added some new logos and banners to the site. Please have a look and put those logos on as many web sites as possible. NoPiracy

10 Dec 99: AmigaOS Developer Network
This service has been established to provide a group of developers with the latest information on AmigaOS. Unfortunately the number of participants has to be limited.

10 Dec 99: Support for ImageFX
Gunnar Gertzen, ImageFX user since many years will do the e-mail support for ImageFX at H&P now. This service is mainly for German speaking customers.

06 Dec 99: Two new supporters :)
We are delighted to be able to announce new supporters for our important web areas PPCWorld and 3DWorld. From now on Stefan Funke will care for PPCWorld and Robert Konrad will care for 3DWorld. Both hope to get a lot of news to be able to update the software lists very soon.
PPC World 3D World

Carole Jadoulle

Michael Malyshev

06 Dec 99: 500.000
One day after we had started the raffle the 500.000 was hit. Same as before some people got this number and so we took the first two of them. Congratulations. We want to thank all that took part and the
next round is already running.

01 Dec 99: Soon we will hit 500.000
To celebrate this event we will give away free software packages. There will also be a price for hit no. 535.353 and 555.555.
Please have a look at the winnings.

30 Nov 99: WarpUP mailing list
We just opened a WarpUP mailing list to provide a better connection between programmers, users and us. Everyone is invited to join the list to discuss ideas and problems with WarpUP. The list is managed by Sam Jordan.

16 Nov 99: Finally on stock... :-)
Just in time for the Cologne show we got the following products:
STFax 4, NetConnect 3, Tornado3D 3, PageStream 4, ImageFX 4 and PowerStation. Delivery of pre-orders starts this week. There might be slight delays. Thank you for your understanding.

In Germany top announcements traditionally will be made towards the Cologne show. So we also have some pleasing news for you.

HEW07 Nov 99:
H&P at HOME electronics world

At this years show we will show our news on 8 displays.
PageStream 4.0, Tornado3D 3.0 and the new Developer CD will be shown for the first time. ImageFX 4.0, PowerStation, Wildfire 7, HyperCOM cards, WarpUP and MoreFX are the other highlights. We will also show our current beta versions of StormC 4.0 and AmigaWriter 2.0. All details (in German only!)

05 Nov 99:
Nova Design teams up with H&P

Nova Design, Inc. and Haage&Partner announced today that they have teamed up for the distribution of ImageFX in Germany. H&P will be the exclusive distributor for German speaking countries. Sales of ImageFX 4.0, updates and the PPC module PowerStation will start at the Cologne show.
Press Release

05 Nov 99: AMIGA Developer CD 2.1
At Cologne show the new AMIGA Developer CD will be released. It contains the
OS 3.5 Native Developer Kit, the GUI editor ReActor and the StormC compiler. Press Release

05 Nov 99:
[HEW logo]H&P at HOME electronics world
At this years Cologne show next weekend (12.-14. November) we will show StormC, WarpUP, AmigaWriter, ArtEffect,
PageStream 4.0 and Tornado3D 3.0, ImageFX 4.0 (see the press release), WildFire 7 and the new video program MoreFX (for Java).

03 Nov 99: H&P starts distribution of MoreFX
Well-known Italian software company ClassX has released a new video program called MoreFX. It runs completely under Java.
Press Release

02 Nov 99: OS 3.5 on stock again
Because of to the big demand the first edition of AmigaOS 3.5 was sold out in the first week. It is available again today and we can continue to deliver the remaining pre-orders.

02 Nov 99: Merapi project
The co-operation with SUN is still very difficult and does not proceed. Due to that we (finally) take Merapi from our active distribution.

26 Oct 99: ArtEffect 3.0.11 Update
A free patch for ArtEffect 3.0 is available on our ftp server.

Amigaman says:21 Oct 99:
AmigaOS 3.5 is available
The delivery of AmigaOS 3.5 started as planned on 18. October 1999. Please be aware that due to the many orders the delivery might some more days.
Tomorrow the
official AmigaOS 3.5 webpage will allow online registrations and online support. More information will be given on these pages the next days.
AmigaOS 3.5 More Information
The new OS update for the Amiga with many exciting new features and extensive improvements. (CD-ROM only!)

We also offer OS 3.1 ROM-Kits (!)

99,50 DM


16 Oct 99:
OS 3.5 delivery starts on Monday
The delivery of AmigaOS 3.5 to dealers starts on Monday, 18th October, 1999. Rumors about a delay caused by legal problems is not correct. Due to the many pre-orders it might one to two weeks to carry out all orders.

[HEW logo]13 Oct 99: HOME electronics world
In a few weeks (12.-14. November) the
home electronics world" show will start. This is the successor of the famous Computer '98 and so it is the biggest and most important Amiga show of the year. We will also have a nice both at this show. More information will follow shortly.

13 Oct 99:
New order area
We just rearranged our order area to give you a better access to all information like prices, shipping costs, methods of payment, etc. We also offer an order form without SSL because some customers had problems. We hope you like the
new order area.

brand eins10 Oct 99:
Amiga: Tanz auf allen Vulkanen
The new German economy magazine
brand eins publishes a story about Amiga with the subtitle "One cult, then broken and still not dead: the restart plans of the computer legend". You can buy the German magazine or read the text online.

10 Oct 99:
T3D PowerPack Vol. I
Eyelight is proud to announce that the first volume of the PowerPack series is ready and shipping. PowerPack Volume I: Image Maps, is a collection of professionally painted and acquired image maps suitable for any rendering package.

STFax 428 Sept 99: STFax 4.0
STFax 4 was written with the intention of creating a centralized communications tool for the consumer and SOHO market. The main intention of STFax 4 is to offer advanced features, yet retain the ease of use, supporting a number of different communication mediums such as fax, voice, data, and, later, email and GSM/SMS.
More Details

28 Sept 99: NetConnect 3 available soon
NetConnect 3 is the latest version of the award-winning NetConnect package from Active Technologies. NetConnect 3 is the easiest and most comprehensive Internet compilation for the Amiga to date, and is designed to enable any Amiga user from novice to expert to get onto and use the Internet.
More Details

23 Sept 99: New on 3D World...
There are three more announcements and the new 3D World logos are finally online.

05 Sept 99:
STFax 4.0 to be released soon
The new version 4.0 of STFax will be released in about 2-3 weeks. It will contain a lot of new features and a collection of professional samples for the voice functions.
Full list of features

05 Sept 99: "No Piracy" discussion forum opened
The discussion forum is now open and the logo campaign can start finally.
Forum - Logos

02 Sept 99:
Amiga "No Piracy" Campaign
The campaign goes on: some more logos and the final one :) Discussion forum will start soon. We just opened a new domain (www.amiga-planet.de) that now hosts
NoPiracy campaign

T3D advertising27 Aug 99: New German advertising
The next ad for PageStream 4.0, STFax 4.0, Tornado3D 3.0 and ArtEffect 3.0 in our new advertising style recently appeared in a German magazine. The ad in a better resolution (160 kB).

27 Aug 99: New 3D World logos...
We recently got some more logos for our 3D World section. Now we are interested which style of logo you like best. So please tell us your opinion

3SAT by H18 Aug 99: Amiga at 3SAT
Shortly in the German computer broadcast
NEUES - Die Computershow, an item about Amiga will appear. On August 23th 1999, at 09.30 pm a news story will be shown at 3SAT. The TV team has met with the leader of Development of the AmigaOS 3.5 project, Jochen Becher (see picture).
(Alas the 3SAT sites use a lot of DHTML for the navigation. Because of this it is hardly possible with Amiga-browsers, to access this site. I will however provide a direct link, as soon as a preview appears. The webmaster)

[No Piracy]18 Aug 99: Amiga "No Piracy" Campaign
Piracy copies harms the existence of Amiga companies more and more. Especially in the case of applications and games this causes that new projects will not be proceeded any more. It is high time to start a joint action...

05 Aug 99: PageStream 4.0
The new version 4 of PageStream will be available very soon. Currently it is in Beta test. In a few days we will be able to offer 4.0 as a beta version with free update to the final version.

05 Aug 99:
New Dealer Information
There is a special English brochure of our products available for dealers. Dealers Area

T3D advertising04 Aug 99:
New T3D advertising
A new ad for T3D in our new advertising style recently appeared in a German magazine.
The ad in a better resolution (608x437, 83 kB).

04 Aug 99:
3DWorld logos online
Finally the logo suggestions are one. 3DWorld

30 July 99:
New on 3DWorld
There are 2 new software announcement on 3DWorld. On of them it the well-known Heretic II.

28 July 99:
World of Amiga in London
The years WOA was again well-attended not least because of the excellent location (Kensington Town Hall) and the good organizations. We presented the current beta version of AmigaOS 3.5 several times per day on the VidiWall. After the show we even had enough time for a walk through the center of London :)

In August and September there are more
Amiga shows scheduled in Australia, USA, Slovenia, Finland, Italy, Canada, Portugal.

28 July 99:
Tornado3D v3.0
Eyelight plans to release Version 3.0 on 14. September 1999. Those who buy v2.1 now will be able to download 3.0 for free from Eyelight's webpage. Info

WOA 9920 July 99: Meet us at WOA
I am sorry for the poor news here on the homepage, but we are very busy working on AmigaOS 3.5 and preparing for the show in London this weekend. Hope to meet you all there ;-) WOA 99

02 July 99:
News from Amiga
There current Open Letter from Jim Collas and more news are now on the homepage of Amiga. You can also see what the packaging of new AmigaOS 3.5 will look like.

02 July 99:
Amiga Animation Contest
AMIGA International, Inc. in Langen, Germany is looking in co-operation with IOM Film and Video productions in Hof, Germany for the best video trailer for the new Operating System 3.5. You can win 3 Amiga 1200 HDD Magic Pak and 25 of our new OS 3.5. Link

21 June 99:
Products Overview in Norwegian
The products overview has been translated to Norwegian. Thanks to Christian Leon Christensen. We are still looking for more native languages. If you want to help on that, please contact the webmaster.

17 June 99:
WOA99 & AmiWest in July
There are a lot of upcoming Amiga shows world-wide the next months. Just check the
events schedule to find your local Amiga happening... :-)

16 June 99:
Tornado3D Special Prices
1. July 99 customers of version 1.5 can buy the 3.0 update for a special price of 398 DM (afterwards: 498 DM). Everyone who buys v2.1 now or who had already done so (not valid when you got 2.x by download) will be able to download 3.0 update for free from Eyelight's webpage. Students and owners of competitive 3D programs can get T3D for a special price of 649 DM. order

16 June 99:
Amiga Advisory Council Nomination
Amiga is going to install the Amiga Advisory Council in early July. It will consist several people from companies, clubs etc. Everyone can nominate a suitable company or individual until
19. June (!). Link

16 June 99: Fusion PPC Pre-Ordering
Microcode Solutions wants to get 500 pre-orders until
1. July to start to finalize Fusion and PCx for PowerPC. We do not agree to that action for several reasons but as you do not have to pre-pay yet, you can show your interest in those products again by this. Link

14 June 99: Products Overview in French
The products overview has been translated to French. Thanks to Lionel Thillot. We are now on the way to translate it to more native languages. Polish version is coming soon. If you want to help on that, please contact the webmaster.

10 June 99:
New on 3D World
The 3DWorld pages got a new look and some rework. There are also 3 new software announcements. 3DWorld

09 June 99: And the winner is...
In the early morning numerous surfers visited our homepage to have a look it they are the 400.000. visitor. And it happened again - around 40 people got the same score. So we had to pick the first mail that fulfilled our conditions and came in first. The winner is: Guillaume Ubbelohde from Belgium. Congratulations :)

08 June 99:
Samples for FontMachine & X-DVE
To show you the power of FontMachine and X-DVE to create Internet graphics Klaus Ziereis created some outstanding samples.

04 June 99:
Products Overview in Dutch
The products overview has been translated to Dutch. Thanks to Dirk Harlaar. We are still looking for more native languages. If you want to help on that, please contact the webmaster.

HyperCOM03 June 99:
Win a HyperCOM !
Yes, in a few days we will reach another important step - the 400.000. visitor will come to our homepage. This time you can win a super-fast HyperCOM card and a GENESiS package. More

03 June 99: AmigaOS 3.5 Advertising Campaign
Amiga Intl. just started their world-wide advertising campaign for AmigaOS 3.5. Link

27 May 99: Products Overview in Danish
The products overview has been translated to Danish. Thanks to Tommy Tamsen. We are now on the way to translate it to more native languages. If you want to help on that, please contact the webmaster.

19 May 99:
News from Amiga Inc.
Jim Collas released an open letter to the community as well as details of their current activities. There are also first design concepts of the upcoming AmigaNG and more news.

17 May 99:
SoftLogik online again
The move of SoftLogik took longer than expected, but now they are online again. There will be more news the next days.

14 May 99:
The Ripper Award
The Ripper AwardA campaign of Scottish Amiga club "the Ripper" awarded us for "continuous support of the Amiga computer, with ongoing development of professional software". We are pleased about that and want to thank everyone that supported us :) Link

12 May 99: Pre-order your AmigaOS 3.5
We are now also taking pre orders for upcoming AmigaOS 3.5. Price will be 99,50 DM. Delivery will start as soon as it is available from Amiga Intl. order

12 May 99:
Reworked Products Overview
To give you a better overview of our products we have reworked this area. products overview We are now on the way to translate this to several native languages. If you want to help on that, please contact the webmaster.

30 April 99: Our new (German) ad
To give you an idea on our new ad that we are running in Germany, we are presenting it here. Your comments are welcome :)
Ad in small resolution (425x596, 140 kB) and high resolution (850x1193, 483 kB).

29 April 99: wARPgATe
The very topical wARPgATe homepage now has its own domain www.w-9.de. You can access the WarpUP/Warp3D area directly.

29 April 99:
"Best Features" Award
"Congratulations on your 'site with the best features' award you won from Trogladite Software today." Neil Bullock, Trogsoft. Thanks for that honor :)

23 April 99:
Tornado3D v2.0 SE
This special version of Tornado3D has all you need to create breath-taking 3D graphics and animation at a very reasonable price and with a full upgrade option. Includes PowerPC and Virge3D support. You can get this outstanding 3D package for only 199 DM. Offer

22 April 99: WarpUP Release 4
After intensive work and countless tests the new release of WarpUP can go public. The text describes the news and the new tools. You will find the release and the update in our support area. Download

AUGS meeting21 April 99:
AUGS meeting in Zofingen
On 17. and 18. of April this year's Amiga User Group Switzerland Meeting took part in Zofingen. Haage&Partner showed an early pre-version of AmigaOS 3.5. More

19 April 99: 3 more locales for ArtEffect 3
We just uploaded the locale files for Czech, Dansk and Francais to our ArtEffect FTP area. Support

19 April 99: Results of our Survey 99
Over 650 Amiga fans took part in that survey. Many thanks to all of you. The analysis shows that you are rather satisfied with the contents and the overall appearance of our site. You also gave us many comments and suggestions for improvements. A lot of those changes have already been done during the last days. Details

We also have winner: it is Andreas Stöhr. Congratulations.

12 April 99:
Changes on our Homepage
As announced last week, we did some optical and in the contents changes on our homepage. You have certainly seen the new icons and besides we worked on nearly all FAQ areas which are now handled by a database. BTW, more than 400 Amigans already took part in our Survey 99. Thanks a lot for all your help :)

12 April 99:
Starbirds - Update
There is an update patch for owners of a BlizzardPPC. You will find it in the download area.

09 April 99:
First results of Survey 99
As you can see on this page (no background, no blinking text, no "service" animation) we did first changes because of your suggestions. Those you did not already take part in our Survey 99 should do so now. Thanks!

02 April 99:
Updated Support Area
Nearly all support pages have been updated to a new look. There are also new FAQ pages which we will extend in the near future. Support

02 April 99: 350.000 Visitors
Our homepage is getting more and more popular - we have about 850 visitors per day. We are very happy about that and want to know what you think we could improve: Survey 99

31 Mar 99:
New Pics in Tornado3D Gallery
There are some great new pictures in the Tornado3D gallery. It's worth a look. Gallery

31 Mar 99: STFax 3.8 Update
The free update STFax 3.8 is available for download. Support

31 Mar 99: Microdot-II v.1.3 Update
A minor update that will only work with the NetConnect v2.3 update (due to new netconnect.library).

31 Mar 99: SoftLogik is moving
SoftLogik is moving to a new location and even their domain www.softlogik.com is not available for about 2 weeks.

25 Mar 99:
Warp3D v2 for Permedia
Finally the official version 2.0 of Warp3D for the Permedia chip of CVision/BVisionPPC graphics boards is available.

19 Mar 99: 333.333 Winner
Viggo Hinrichsen is our visitor number 333.333. Congratulation! An ArtEffect 3.0 package is on the way to Denmark :)

16 Mar 99:
Starbirds - Free Shot'em Up Game
Starbirds is a shoot'em up game like classic R-Type, Apidya, Wings of Death. We hope that you will enjoy the game.

OS 3.515 Mar 99: New OS 3.5 Section
The Amiga homepage now offers a new section on AmigaOS 3.5.

08 Mar 99: First OS3.5 Demonstration
This pictorial report shows the first OS3.5 as unveiled at the Amiga International offices in Germany.

07-Mar-99: ArtEffect 3.0 available!
ArtEffect 3.0 is shipping since last week. Due to a lot of pre-orders it will take some more days to deliver all.
Feature list

07-Mar-99: Color Separator for ArtEffect
AE.ColorSeparator makes it possible for the first time to prepare pictures directly for the four color printing (CMYK).

07-Mar-99: Who will be no. 333.333 ?
The next event will be in a few days: the 333.333. visitor will come to our website. The one that sends us a proof in form of a screen dump, the time of his visit and a photo of himself
first will get a software surprise... Mail

05-Mar-99: AmigaOS 3.5 in Summer 99
Now it is official, H&P will develop AmigaOS 3.5 on behalf of Amiga Inc. There will be more details on the homepage of AI soon.

Amiga 99 in St. Louis, March 12-14

AmigaOS 3.5 in St. Louis
On Gateway Computer Show - Amiga 99 H&P will give a first demonstration of part of the new AmigaOS 3.5. The show will start on Friday, March 12 St. Louis Missouri, USA.

03-Mar-99: Tips on WarpUP
Sometimes the usage of WarpUP comes with some problems. A special document provides you with some tips on how such problems can be solved.
Tips on WarpUP

There is something going on at Amiga...
Amiga announces new President and Fast-Track Development plans.

22-Feb-99: Tornado3D v2.1 / v3.0
The new Tornado3D v 2.1 with a lot of outstanding features is available now. Registered customers can download the Update 2.1 for free from the Internet. There is also a feature list of the upcoming version 3.0

14-Feb-99: Genesis 1.04 Update / Demo
There is a first update, a Socks server and a demo version available for download. Support

14-Feb-99: NetConnect 2.3 Update
There is also an update for NetConnect. Support

09-Feb-99: The "300.000" Winners
We want to congratulate all winners of our "300.000 Visitor" contest:

Matt Sealey (UK), Allan Odgaard (DK), Steffen Rabenborg (DK), Dirk Dockbreyder (Germany, he sent us a picture of his kids) and Fredrik Soederberg (Sweden).

03-Feb-99: Ethernet for A1200
The Netax1200 Ethernet PCMCIA card for Amiga 1200/600 with Sana II driver for a very fast connection with any TCP/IP stack or Amiga Envoy(TM) software.

26-Jan-99: New Dictionaries for AmigaWriter
We just released new dictionaries for the AmigaWriter spell-checker as well as an update for the English one. You can download the following dictionaries: French, Italian, Netherlands, Dansk, Swedish and Czech.

29-Jan-99: Free choice PPC kernel petition
This petition is to try and get phase5 to remove the ppc.library from always being present on the BlizzardPPC cards thus allowing other kernels to work and the user to choose his or her own.

Who was the No. 300.000???
It happend - we had the 300.000. vistor on our homepage, but who is it? We already have 4 (?) candidates and will have to check that... So it does not make sense to send us more requests ;-)

No. 23 on Counter Hitlist
best of webBecause of the heavily increasing accesses to our website we are now on rank 23 of WebHits. Together with the German Amiga News site of Petra Struck which is rank 69 there are two AMIGA sites among the Top100 :)

Who will become no. 300.000???
The next days we will be able to welcome the 300.000 visitor to our website. When this person sends us a proof in form of a screen dump and a photo of himself then he will get a surprise gift...

Updated Reviews
The reviews page has been updated and revised. Here you can find the national and international comments and awards on all products distributed by H&P.

26-Jan-99: New Dictionaries for AmigaWriter
We just released new dictionaries for the AmigaWriter spell-checker as well as an update for the English one. You can download the following dictionaries: French, Italian, Netherlands, Dansk, Swedish and Czech.

26-Jan-99: Updated files for STFax
There is a new PrintManager, Icons and two ARexx scripts available for download. There is also a new demo version STFax Pro 3.7.

Native version of ArtEffect and AmigaWriter
In our continual effort to support the Amiga world-wide we have increased the number of native languages for our mainstream products ArtEffect and AmigaWriter. ArtEffect now supports 12 and AmigaWriter 8 languages. Some more are on the way and will be made available soon. Besides the localized user interface (GUI) we are also working on native manuals, installers, spell checkers etc. More

06-Jan-99: STFax 3.7 Update
The free update STFax 3.7 is available for download. Support

AU Award06-Jan-99: Amiga Univers Awards
NetConnect v2 was awarded 'Commercial Application of 1998' by the Amiga community, via the Amiga Universe web site. Vaporware, the team behind NetConnect was voted 'Amiga Developers in 1998', along with Haage & Partner GmbH. Info

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