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News Archive 1997

We wish *you* a
Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year!

This picture was done with ArtEffect by Martin Skowronski. Thanks a lot Martin.

28-Dec-97: FontMachine 3 Demo on FTP!
The demo version of the great font effects programm FontMachine 3 is now on our FTP server. Download

20-Dec-97: 100.000st visitor on this page
We are very glad that you like these pages so much. We would also apreciate if you have suggestions for improvements.

1 to 24-Dec-97: Great Christmas Giveaway Game
Up to 10 *WINNERS* every day - come on, have a look at it. Game!

12-Dec-97: ArtEffect 2.5.1 Patches (3. improved archive)
You will now find the latest patches for AE 2.1.5 (AE2_Patch3.lha) and 2.5 (AE2_Patch4.lha) on our ftp server. Please don't forget to install the AE251_AddOns too, that are in the archive! Download
08-Dec-97: Sorry: Here si the missing Wizard file!

01-Dec-97: Tornado3D Mailing List
Finally we could open the Tornado3D mailing list. Everyone can join it now. Mailing list

24-Nov-97: 90.000nd Visitors
We want to thank you all for that. We also hope that you enjoy your visit.

18-Nov-97: New Tornado3D Demo

18-Nov-97: Computer 97 Was A Big Success!
and DrawStudio were sold out on Saturday. We also talked a lot to Amiga Intl./Inc. and to several Hardware manufacturers. There will be more details about that soon here on the homepage.

ClassX10-Nov-97: H&P distributes ClassX products!
We are proud to be able to distribute the superb video products of Italian publisher ClassX. X-DVE and FontMachine are high rated produts that are now released in version 3. FontMachine/X-DVE

10-Nov-97: Tornado3D Arrived
We will now be able to start sales of Tornado3D at the Computer97. There is also a demo available for downlaod. Infos / Demo

10-Nov-97: StormC 3.0 for 68k!
A new project assistant and improvements on the editor, the debugger and the disassembler are the new features of this new version. Until now this was only available in the v3 modules for StormC.

10-Nov-97: New low-cost tablet from Wacom!
PenPartner from Wacom ist a small and inexpensive new graphics tablet for the Amiga. Info

PageStream10-Nov-97: H&P starts distribution of PageStream
We will start distribution of SoftLogik's PageStream and additional programms in Germany, Switzerland and Austria this week.

24-Oct-97: Computer '97 - The Amiga Event
This years C'97 will be a true Mega party with international participants. We will show our latest software at 11 displays. Infos

20-Oct-97: New lessons for the AE workshop
Robert Deryck
, did two more lessons on tips for ArtEffect. Enjoy! Start!

07-Oct-97: New patches for StormC 2.0. Support

06-Okt-97: WarpUP - Our Response !!!
Because of the aggressive attacks fo Phase 5, which we did not expect, we had to compile an extensive response. Here you can find it: Response. The main information on WarpUP can be found here: Info

... and here is the new Update (~130KB) of WarpUP!

06-Okt-97: 70.000nd visitors
Since about one week we have another increase on accesses to our homepage ;-) We want to thank you all for that. We also hope that you enjoy your visit.

WebOscar06-Okt-97: WebOscar
Vote yor preferred web site. Maybe it is us... ;-) Info (Text only in German, but easy to access! Just click "Stimmabgabe". There are 3 votes you can make: 1st is your over-all favorite, 2nd is for best contents and 3rd for best graphics.)

03-Okt-97: WarpUP - More Comments on Monday
As we did not expect that aggressive attacks from Phase5 we will need some time to prepare a statement on that. On Monday you will find our comments here on this web site. Info on WarpUP

26-Sept-97: WarpUP - Warp up your PowerUP board
WarpUP offers a high-speed PPC-native EXEC that speeds up your PowerPC dramatically. Info

25-Sept-97: 1st interactive workshop for ArtEffect
We are proud to present -world exclusive- the first interactive workshop for ArtEffect in the Intenet. The author Robert Deryck did this for his pedagogy studies. Start!

19-Sept-97: HAAGE & PARTNER will be the new German distributor for PageStream 3.3
We will start sales of the outstanding DTP package for the Amiga in the German speaking countries right now. Info.

19-Sept-97: Tornado3D News & Mailingliste
An 18. Sept. ist die Premiere von Tornado3D in Italien. Infos

19-Sept-97: Optimized Homepage
According to a survey in our German section most visitors complained about the long loading time of our main page. So I reorganized it, cutted the texts, deleted unimportant objects and optimized the graphics. I brought it down to about 50K (from 120K). I hope you like it.

15-Sept-97: Please join the Amiga effort to crack the RC5 encryption
Currently the Amiga team has gone from 103 yesterday to 60th today currently our rate is placing us 8th The team has a corporate section CU-Amiga is the biggest contributor so far with 2000k/keys a sec. there are all manner of Computers working for the Amiga team and you can help please visit http://homepage.cistron.nl/~ttavoly/rc5/

07-Sept-97: Amiga Inc. formed!
Finally Gateway formed the new Amiga Inc. which will consist of about 30 employees until Christmas. More

07-Sept-97: CU AMIGA supports Amiga Inc. to set up the new developer support. Each developer is invited to register now. Register

07-Sept-97: Now over 60.000 visitors!
About 7 weeks ago we welcomed the 50.000th visitor - now we have 10.000 more. We are very pleased about this and that is why we want to improve this site the next weeks.

07-Sept-97: Here are the new Patches for ArtEffect 2.1.5. There is also a new driver for TurboPrint 5. Support

07-Sept-97: Tornado3D is in final beta :-)
Have a look at the new GUI now. Info

07-Sept-97: The "MERAPI" project
The development of MERAPI - the JAVA for Amiga! - is going on very fine and we hope to be able to present a version at Computer97 in Cologne, Germany in November. Info

07-Sept-97: StormC & new PowerASM for PowerUP
According to Phase 5 the PowerUP boards will be available the next days. Same time we will be able to ship our PPC extensions for StormC and the new PPC assembler for PowerUP. Everyone interested in that can drop us a note. Info

UK magazine CU AMIGA installed an Amiga C mailing list which accompanies an Amiga C course in their magazine. The August issue also covered the demo version of StormC Compiler system. The C course is ment for beginners, same goes for the mailing list, but advanced programmers are welcome too. So join the list now: CU Amiga C Mailinglist

07-Sept-97: New NetConnect 2 will be delayed until October, but features like automatic Dial-Up Wizard and Voyager NG 3.0 with JavaScript are worth while waiting a bit longer... Info

11-Aug-97: Haage & Partner announces exclusive distribution of the Macintosh emulator FUSION in Germany. Info.

25-June-97: The Storm family is growing!
StormC p.OS / StormPowerASM

Good times for Amiga programmers: the new StormC modules for p.OS and PowerUP are ready. There is also a very new hardcore tools: StormPowerASM that takes full advantage out of the PowerUP boards. And last but not least there is the new release of our GUI editor: StormWIAZRD 2.0. (Information)

Code name "MERAPI"
The JAVA future of the Amiga!

We are proud to be able to announce a new project that will affect the future of the Amiga very much. The developments started about 6 month ago and we hope to be able to present a first version in June or July. "MERAPI" will be an interesting project for both "parties", the JAVA programmers as well as the users who want to run a JAVA application. More information will follow soon.(Information)

The superb modeler and animation package!

Tornado3D does it all in realtime and has phantastic features. More information will follow soon. (English text)

The complete Internet Suite for the Amiga!

VoagerNG, professional TCP stack with Dialup-Wizard, Microdot II, AmFTP, AmIRC, AmTelnet, AmFinger, AmTerm, NetInfo, IconBar ...More information will follow soon. (English text)

27-Jul-97: ArtEffect FAQ. Look.

25-Jul-97: Now open:
ArtEffect-Mailing-List. Subscribe.

Now over 50.000 visitors
Our homepage was accessed by the 50,000. visitor. The rates are heavily increasing the last month. We want to thank you all for your great support.

10-Jul-97: New PowerEffects for ArtEffect. Info

10-Jul-97: Super fast effects for ArtEffect. Info

07-Jul-97: Now open: Storm-Mailing-List. Subscribe.

DrawStudio 2.0 Demo. Download

07-Jul-97: New Libraries and Patches for StormC 2.0. Download

07-Jul-97: CyberGL Stub-Library for StormC. Download

26-Jun-97: Summer fest at Amiga Magazin
A few pictures of a fest of the German publisher Magnamedia.

25-June-97: The Extended Hunk Format for PPC

These are the developers information of the Extended Hunk Format that is used by StormC to support the PowerUP boards.

25-June-97: The Storm family is growing!
StormC p.OS / StormPowerASM

Good times for Amiga programmers: the new StormC modules for p.OS and PowerUP are ready. There is also a very new hardcore tools: StormPowerASM that takes full advantage out of the PowerUP boards. And last but not least there is the new release of our GUI editor: StormWIAZRD 2.0. (Information)

JAVA On It's Way!

Oliver Wagner (www.vapor.com) and Haage & Partner have announced that they will co-operate to bring JAVA (MERAPI project) to Voyager-NG asap. There will be more information in some weeks.

ArtEffect 2.0 demo now available. Download

PowerUP Information: http://hem.passagen.se/studiox/powerup/

OpenDOS for PCx. Free download! Not tested yet!

converter (WMF, DXF, ProDraw Clips) for DrawStudio!

Vector tracer XTrace for DrawStudio!

Patches 1.1.1 for DrawStudio!

New Domain:
www.haage-partner.com (28.März.97)

New FTP Server: Download

New E-Mail-Adresses

New: Information by E-Mail (13.April 97)

New Pictures in the ArtEffect-Galerie (12.April.97)

New CDROMs for ArtEffect and DrawStudio (02.April 97)

Gateway2000 buys Amiga (28. March 97)
News: Gateway2000
News: AmigaTechnologies
News: Yahoo
News: ZD PC Week Online
News: c|net

Impression oferic schwartz

New section on Aminet (biz/haage) !!!

Download StormWIZARD 2.0 Demo now! (18.März.97)

PowerPC Convention in Montreal (18.März.97)

ArtEffect 2.0 News and Survey (18.März.97)

New Patch for StormC 2.0 (09.Feb.97)

Shows 97 world-wide (07.Feb.97)

DrawStudio 1.1
CD version now available (02.Feb.97)

Reviews (19.Jan.97)

Patches and new Plug-Ins (19.Jan.97)

DrawStudio 1.1
Patches (15.Jan.97)

DrawStudio 1.1
Demo (14.Jan.97)

StormC 2.0

ArtEffect Gimmicks

The CorelDraw (tm) for the Amiga
More about drawSTUDIO.

We are currently developing a new Word Processor that will especially fit the needs of Students and Business People !