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History of Amiga events 1998
13.-15. November: Computer '98/Amiga '98, Cologne
This was the biggest Amiga show on earth for the last years and so it will be this time too.
24th - 25th October 98: AmigaFest 98, Australia
Albert Park, Melbourne, Sat 9am - 6pm, Sun 9am - 4pm
With an expected attendance of over 2000 Amiga users to the show over the two days we know "AmigaFest 98" will be a great event.
AmigaFest 98
10th - 12th October 98: RadyKal Party 98, Spain
This show will be held in Granada, Spain. They are expecting up to 4.000 visitors among them Mr. Petro Tytchschenko, who will attend the show and will give away an A1200HD Spanish version, stickers, CDs, posters, etc.
This event could be the biggest Amiga show ever made in Spain, a show that can set a inflexion point in the Spanish Amiga market and the global computer vision.
7. - 8. October 98: Satellite 98, Poland http://appendix.ml.org/satellite98eng.htm
10.-13. July: AmiWest 98, USA
Ramada Inn at Haggin Oaks, Sacramento, CA. http://www.sacc.org/amiwest
29.-30. May: International Amiga 98, Toronto, Canada http://www.randomize.com/ia98.html
H&P will have an own booth at this show together with RBM. There will be a presentation of the new word processor AmigaWriter. RBM will show their latest tower cases for A1200 and A4000.
15.-17. May: WOC in London, UK
H&P will be at the booth of Amiga Intl. introducing the new word processor AmigaWriter. There will also be a seminar on Merapi (Java for Amiga) by it's core author Jeroen T. Vermeulen.
26. April 98: Antwerp, Belgium
Tony Mees, Lepelstraat 11, 9140 Steendorp, Belgium
tel. +32 3 744 13 19
E-mail: waasland@glo.be
Club Homepage: http://titan.glo.be/waasland
25.-26. April: Magische Tage Trier, Germany
Auch in diesem Jahr findet wieder die traditionelle Messe in der Uni Trier mit Amiga-Schwerpunkt statt. Wir (Haage & Partner) werden auch wieder vertreten sein. Weitere Infos gibt es bei der AMIGA1 Usergroup Eifel-Trier-Luxemburg: www.amiga1.org
3.-5. April 98: AmiTech98, Stockholm, Sweden
Another amigashow ? Well yes! With the great success of last years
show, the AmiTech '97 - how could we resist the requests for more!? :-)
This year we are bigger, approx 1500 square meters, on 2 floors, and
also more confident that there is a greater future for the Amiga.
Information: http://www.canit.se/amitech/at98pr.html
19.-25. March 98: CeBIT, Germany
CeBIT is the biggest computer show in the world. Unfortunately this year Amiga was not present again.
13.-15. March: Gateway Computer Show, St. Louis

Last weekend I visited Gateway Computer Show, an Amiga-only happening in St. Louis Missouri (USA). It was great. About 1.500 Amiga fans came around and attended the very well organised workshops on Amiga related themes. More details and report can be found at the CUCUG homepage. http://www.amiga-stl.com

Petro Tyschenko gives a present to Bob Sharp, the organisator of this show.

A "Blues Brother" performance was the highlight of Friday night.

On Saturday Banquet Petro & Jeff Schindler spoke to us Amiga peole.

Another highlight were the "Boink!" shoes Joe Torre got from Bill Borsai of NCAUG.

Fletscher Haug of Amiga Informer and Don Hicks of Amazing Amiga.

Ellen Kazmaier of SoftLogik, Kermit Woodall of Nova Design and the booth of NewTek.
14.-15. Feb. 98: AUGS Meeting, Switzerland

Die Amiga User Groupe Switzerland veranstaltet wieder Ihr jährliches Meeting. Sam Jordan (Haage & Partner) wird dort einen Vortrag zu seinen WarpUP-Entwicklungen halten.

Weitere Infos findet man unter auf den Seiten der Usergroup.l

Sam Jordan (left picture) is proud of his port of MESA -StormMESA. Marcel Beck (left on the right picture) presenting his new YAM2 and Mr. Andreolla (Amiga power-user).

Claude Müller (left), the organisator of the AUGS meeting and Steffen Häuser (PPC specialist).