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History of Amiga events 1996

(Amiga Fest)


Amiga Fest in Toronto (Canada)

More than 5.000 visitors attended Amgia Fest in Toronto (29.Nov.-1.Dec.) what made the show a great success. Companies like Phase 5 (CyberStorm 060, PPC boards), QuikPak (A4000T), Silent Paw Productions (Amiga portable), Anti Grafity (Siamese), NewTek (VideoToaster, Flyer), Asimware (AsimCDFS, Autio Thunder), Holger Kruse (MIAMI), AmiTrix (AWebII), Nova (ImageFX), Media Innovations (Scala), Aurora Works, ClickBoom! (Capital Punishment), Comspec (A4000T), Haage & Partner (StormC 2.0, StormWIZARD, ArtEffect, drawSTUDIO). Canadian dealers and distributors like Amazing Software, Randomize, National Amiga etc were also at the show.

For more information have a look at the homepage of AMAZING SOFTWARE or RANDOMIZE.

Here are some pictures, taken with a digital camera.

Wolf Dietrich of Phase5 (left) and Markus Nerding of Haage & Partner (right).

The booth of Amazing Software (left), demonstration of PPC board by Britta of P5.

Boot of National Amiga (right).

Booth of Phase 5 (left), ASIM (right), Quikpak and National (below)

(IPISA 96)

  IPISA 96 Meeting (Italy)

More than 400 Italian developers and fans visited the IPISA Meeting this years (30. Nov.96). Besides many interessting reports, HAAGE & PARTNER presented StormC 2.0 and StormC-PPC (beta version). Mr. Haage was also the official speaker for PPC boards and A/Box project of Phase5 and new operating system p-OS from ProDAD.


  COMPUTER 96 in Germany

The COMPUTER 96 / AMIGA 96 (15.-17. Nov.96) is the biggest Amiga Show in the World. As every year it is in Cologne, Germany and nearly every Amiga Company will be present, as well as more than 50.000 Amiga enthusiasts ... More information about COMPUTER 96.


  Amiga Show '96 in France

The Amiga Show '96, organized by DeltaGraph'X, CORSAIRE Production and
FUGAmiga (9. and 10. Nov.96) at l'espace, Rene Fallait, 91560 Crosne, France (Paris).

(Magische Tage)


Magische Tage 96 in Trier (Germany)

The organizer Mr. Bielstein.

Left: Angela Schmidt. Right: Dr. Peter Kittels (PIOS) presented the BeBox

The companies that attended the show (from left to right): Mr. Konjevic (Eagle Computer), Mr. Huber (proDAD), Carsten Schlote (Phase 5), Mr. Haage (HAAGE & PARTNER), Alexander Knecht (AmTrade), Dr. Peter Kittel (PIOS), Mr. Bielstein (organizer) and some guys of the Amiga User Group Trier.

More information about "The Magic Days of Trier".

Toulouse 96


Toulouse 96 - VisCorp speaks to the developers

Karl Sassenrath speaks to the audience (left) and to Angela Schmidt (right).

(CeBIT 96)


CeBIT 96 - Even Dave Haynie was there ...

Dave Haynie in front of the Walker (left) and speaking to Jochen Becher (right).


  StormC 1.05 DEMO on AmigaComputing No. 100

The English Demo version of StormC 1.05 is on the cover disks of AMIGA COMPUTING No. 100, June 96. There is an Englisch and an American version of the magazine and I think it will be available in many countries (Amiga Computing is sold in Germany as well). (Link to Amiga Computing (UK)).