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Computer 97 Cologne, Germany

A walk around our booth. Starting with the video presantation of ClassX products


The Storm area, showing StormC, PowerASM, Merapi


Front table and sales area




The big PageStream


A lot of examples of the whole printing process.


Jeroen Vermeulen, Head of Merapi Development, gave the audience a first impression of the power of his Java implementation MERAPI.


Jeroen Vermeulen (left), Head of Merapi Development


Some of the Storm developers: Jochen Becher (above) and Sam Jordan (below, left) and Jens Gelhar (below right)


Michele Puccini (right), founder and owner of ClassX showed the latest versions of X-DVE and FontMachine.


Tornado3D demonstrations at the booth of Amiga Intl. by Eike M. Lang


Demonstration of ArtEffect at the booth of
Amiga Intl.


H-BOMB a new game of AURORA Works will soon be released.