Welcome to the first active
Workshop on the Internet for our

You surely know some kind of workshops. Maybe you have done one of those Amiga magazines workshops or you have done an own workshop for a program. This will be the first step to use the Internet. This give more user the chance to test the Demo of ArtEffect from Haage & Partner and to develop their abilities with this program. If you do not own ArtEffect feel free to download the demo of it. You will find it in the download section of the Haage & Partner homepage.

This workshop is devided into lessons and in these lessons you will learn step by step the different usage of technics with ArtEffect. Each lesson stands for itself and does not need any other lesson to be understood. It does not matter with which lesson you start - it is up to you. So feel free to variate the line of order in which you will go through this lessons, but each lesson needs time.

The pictures you need for the lessons are included.

Good luck and enjoy yourself.