1. Stencil
  2. Magic wand
  3. Brush-Manager
  4. Brush mode Smooth

In this lesson you will retouch a pavement in front of a Bar and replace it with a stone beach. You will learn the use of different tools of ArtEffect. This lesson needs about 15 min.
Good luck and enjoy yourself...

1. Loading and Stencil

BarPlease load the left handside picture into ArtEffect. In this picture you should replace the pavement with a stone beach. To achieve this, you have to mask the whole picture first. In menu STENCIL click on show stencil and mask ALL. Now you will see the stencil-color covering your picture.
2. Magic wand

MagicwandDoubleclick on the magicwand tool. The Tool settings requester should popup. Change the slider ALL to 15 and start to unmask the pavement. You have to hold down the left ALT key during the unmask process. It is not necessary to unmask the whole pavement with the magicwand. Just the edge "Bar-pavement" has to be unmasked. You can unmask the rest with Rectangular masking tool.

3. Retouch

Change to the freehand tool. Change the cycle-gadget in the tool settings to Matte and the opacity to 100%. Load Strand_320.jpg as a brush into ArtEffect. You can do this in the menu BRUSH Load. We have one problem with the brush. The "ex" pavement is falling from left to right, the brush "stone beach" from right to left. You can change this very simple with the Flip function from menu BRUSH. Flip the brush horiz., then you are ready for the replacement.
Place the brush into the picture, so that the "stone beach" totally covers the pavement.
4.Mask and brush

Mask the picture again. Doubleclick then on the over-ground area. It should be completely unmasked now. Load now the Strand_320.jpg picture. Open the brush manager and press on " PICTURE - > ". now the beach picture is used as a brush. Close now the beach picture. Unfortunately beach and bar brushes do not correspond. The bar brush drops to the right, the beach brush to the left. That you can modify, in that you in the menu " BRUSH " the brush horizontal to mirrors. Doubleclick now on free handtool. A Requester, in which her the left, opens upper Cycle Gadget on brush colour at 100% PRINTING adjusts. Please insert the brush in such a way into the picture, which the lower edge of the brush the unmasked area covers. If you so far, it continues.
5. Smooth

Last but not least you can smooth the edge from bar to beach with the brush mode Smooth. Release the brush and choose a small brush. Then unmask the whole picture. Click on the Rectangular tool, change the cycle-gadget to Smooth and the opacity to 80%. Then smooth only a narrow stripe over the edge. You will get a nice 3-D effect with the stones. Now you have finished the lesson....