1. Antiquefilter
  2. Solarize filter
  3. Stencil
  4. Adjust colorspace
  5. Dynamic range

Solarize is a lighteffect who happend in the Photographic during the developing progress from a negative to a positive picture. With the today`s technic the developing progress is to fast and under normal circumstances solarize won`t happen anymore. But you can see this effect on TFT-Screens, like thoses in Notebooks or Laptops, if you watch on them in a low angle. Solarize was discovered by Sabbatier in 1890.
ArtEffect offers you the Solarize filter to create this effect very simple - unlike in the today`s photographic work.


1. Graycolor solarize

Please load the left handside picture into ArtEffect. Change it into a graycolor picture with the Antique filter. If you have open it, you can try different kind of values. Now following a small selection:



Shape 71 | 100
Brightness 9 | 0
Low 33 | 50
2. Colour

To colour a picture, we need our solarized graycolor picture with a dark background. If you wanna get a real black background, you need to work with the stencil (please keep the white border, if it is possible). The stencil should cover the whole picture. After this you open the
Color selection requester from the STENCIL menu. Use the Add color tool and click on the background of the picture. With the Tolerance slider you can unmask the whole background without touching the person. Now you have only to apply the selection. You can paint the background black ( like the Stones song: Paint it black).
After you have finished your painting, you have to stencil the background and only a few parts of the person (normally the darker parts). Now we need the full
rectangular tool. In the Tool settings change the cycle-gadget to Color and Opacity to 7. As chosen color open the Color-Manager (function key F3) and change a color in RGB mode to: R=238 G=132 B=10. Now you can drag a rectangular which cover the whole picture. Do this 3-5 times, so that the picture gets more of the color, without destroy the light-dark-structure of the picture. At the end, we use the Dynamic range filter with following values: Min. 22, Max. 185.

3. Solarize in red

Please load the original picture into ArtEffect again. Open the Solarize filter and change it to the following values:



Shape 94
Brightness 56
Low 33
After you solarized the picture mask the most parts of the person with the Color selection. As chosen color take pure red (R255,G0,B0) and use the rectangular tool like you have done in part 2 with one exception: the Opacity should be 100. After this you only have to unmask the picture.