1. Layer
  2. Color filter

You can get nice effects with Negative / Positive composition. The Negative improves the lighter parts of the picture and emphasizes the darker parts. If it is possible for you to match the right value for the opacities of the layer you may reconize the Negative shimmering through the Positive - looks cooooool.

1. Negative

S_StonePlease load the left handside picture into ArtEffect. Load it as brush with the "Pic.->" button. Create then a new layer in the Layer requester and call it Positive. Then activate Background and after this open the Negative filter. Execute this filter as a color-negative.

2. Dynamic range & Color correction

SharonWe need to brighten the negative for the layer-reduction. So open the Dynamic range filter. Evaluate the values and then change the Max. slider to 238. Execute it. Now you have to change the opacity of Positive to 58. Drag & drop the layers together. You will see a gray cover over the picture. This happens through the copy of the two layers. It is the less contrast of the colors. So we need to correct this. Open the Color correction filter and change it to the following values:



Brightness 38
Contrast 112
Gamma -2
Red -128
Green -8
Blue 127
Execute the filter. Now your picture is ready. Maybe you will try it with different values for the layers and the filter.