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It is very simple to create a frame for a picture. You can find frames everywhere, e.g. for pictures, on postcards. With ArtEffect you can create your own frames. How you can do that will be shown to you in this lesson...

1. Diaphragm

StampLeft handside you see the used pictures. Please load them into ArtEffect. You need the Stamp as a background. Marylin will be needed as a brush, so that you can paste it onto the stamp. How you load a picture as a brush is very simple. On the menu BRUSH you`ll find the function Load to load the picture as a brush. After this a requester will open and you have to choose the drawer, you put the Marylin picture in. Now load this picture. You can see it as the active brush in the Brush-Manager, if it`s open (to open it, press F4). In order to draw with the brush you have to activate the freehand tool with a doubleclick. In the Tool setting requester change the cycle-gadget to Matte and the pressure to 100. Now you will paint with the colors of the brush. As you can see, our pictures are different in shape and size. You Marylin blue-greenhave to tune the brush in size for the red rectangular. On the menu BRUSH you`ll find the function Scale >> free. After choosing it, you have to place the brush at the centre of the picture. Click once and you will see a frame around the brush with a few small boxes at the edges. Tune the brush, so that it covers the rectangular. Now click inside the brush (you`ll see a small hook) and transfer it to the STAMP.
If you are ready, we carry on...
2. Text

TexticonAt the begining you need a second layer. Open the Layer-Manager (F6) and click on the "New" button. Call this layer "Text". From now on, this layer should be the activated once. Click once on the Text-tool. In the tool settings requester change the font to a bigger one, e.g. "CGTimes.font" from Wordworth wordprocessor will be a good choose. You have to paste it to the AMIGA OS with the Intellifont program you find in the drawer "System" of your System-volume. Contact your manuel for the AmigaOS how to use it. Back to ArtEffect: choose the size 50. In the stringfield of the tool setting type 110 into it. This is the new value of stamps in Germany for letters. O.k. if you want to, you can type the value of your country`s stamp for letters instead of the Germany`s one. Change the cycle-gadget to Normal. Now you have to place the brush in the left bottom corner of Marylin. You have to press the Spacebar to transfer the text to the picture.
3. Brush

Cut rectangularNow the only thing we miss is the printed Deutschland (Germany) at the right top edge of Marylin. Instead of Germany you can type your country`s name into the stringfield. Change the font size to 20. Now transfer the the text anywhere on the picture, but do not overlay the "Value" of our stamp. To place the text where we want it to be, we have to change it into a real brush. Use the cut-rectangular tool to cut out the text. After that press on the Undo button once, so that the "text" is vanished. On the menu BRUSH you find the function Rotate. Use the +90° and voilá: our brush has the right position to be pasted onto Freihandwerkzeugthe picture. Place the brush carefully at the right top edge of Marylin and click the left mousebutton once.

Marylin as a stamp

Now you can save your masterpiece...