1. Layers & Brush-Manager
  2. Brush effects
  3. Filter
  4. Layertechnics & Text-Tool

In this lesson you will be shown how to make watermarks (like those on notes). They are much liked, because they are an easy possibility to create a background for a homepage. You have not to be a Michel Angelo or a Salvatore Dali. With in the next 10 min. you will be able to create your own watermarks - and it is not difficult to do it. We wish you good luck and enjoy yourself...

1. Layers

Please open a New picture with a white background. After this open the Layer (use the function key F6 or look for it in the menu WINDOW). Your new picture should be in layer one. ArtEffect called it Background by itself. Now create a new layer with the button New. Call it Watermark. Then load the left picture into ArtEffect. Open the Brush-Manager and click on the button "Pic.->". Now your picture is the brush. You can close the picture, because you do not need it anymore. Now activate your "white" picture and make sure that layer Watermark is the active one. If you have done this, we will continue with the Brush effects.

2. Brush effects

To create some effects with the brush, open the menu BRUSH. You will find functions like flip, scale, shear etc. Try some or all of them with your brush. Except with FLIP you must click into your picture after calling a function. Then you will see your brush with a frame surrounded. By the edge-points you can change your brush. If you like it, click inside the brush (you`ll see a hook). If you dislike it, click outside the brush (you`ll see a cross). If you are ready, we carry on.


3. Filter

Freehand toolPlease doubleclick on the freehand tool. The tool settings requester should popup. You must change the cycle-gadget to Matte. Now draw with your brush into the picture. After this, open the menu FILTER "Stylizefilter" Edge finder. Choose the mode color and Prewitt and execute it. Hey, looks cool, or?


4. The Watermark effect

To get our watermark picture, we need the layer technic. With the Opacity it is possible for you create a watermark effect. A value between 10-25 will bring a good result. With values over 25 it will be difficult to read text over your "background". Try it with the text tool. Click on it and then change the chosen color to black. You can drag the "text" with the pointer over your picture. If you want to paint the text to your picture you have to push the SPACE-bar. Just try other opacity values and check it with the text tool.

Your work is finished.Result