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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.

ArtEffect Gallery

Sample by Bernd Gellert

This is just another nice sample for ArtEffect done by Bernd Gellert. It is completely done with ArtEffect. The second picture shows the parts that were used to create the picture.

CASTLE by Martin Skowronski
The bare bones sketch for this painting was done with a number 2HB pencil. The drawing was scanned into ArtEffect where the lines were cleaned up and color applied. The aquarelle effect was achieved by layering down short thick lines of paint which were then smoothed/smeared together using the airbrush and various configurations of the chalk brush.

This is certainly the most exciting picture ever done with ArtEffect.

All images of Martin Skowronski are Copyright by ProActive Images and cannot be reproduced without the express permission of same.

Proactive Images, a consultancy for training and education in North America is proud to acknowledge that we use ArtEffect 2 exclusively for all of our graphic design work. It is without doubt one of the most powerful natural media paint programs available today.

Find out more about ProActive.

Children in Crisis
The preliminary sketch of the child's face was done in colored pencil. This sketch was scanned into ArtEffect and was used as the basis for the two images. Various shapes of the crayon brush were employed using the the smear/smooth tools when necessary. By varying the levels of transparency a more natural watercolor effect was achieved for the anxious face. The angry face was achieved with "thicker" coloring and extensive use of the smear tool.

The Art Effects smear tool was used extensively in the painting of, and integration of, the funnel cloud. The lemon was drawn and then saved as a transparent brush. It was stamped down in different configurations after adjustments with the brush tools. The glass was rendered in Lightwave and then saved as a brush for inclusion in the painting.

Martin Skowronski

Find out more about ProActive.

"Sundown". A wonderful drawing of Martin Skowronski (US).

This is a great example of Art Effects image manipulation abilities. The original photograph called Sundown.jpg was included with the ArtEffect1.0 archive. It depicts a sunset overlooking a body of water with a city silhouetted in the background. By cutting out sections of the photograph and using them as matte brushes the image was changed to look like a sunset over a rocky ocean beach.
"Campfire" from Martin Skowronski.
"Firefight" form Martin Skowrsonki.
"Canyon" from Martin Skowronski.
A wonderful picture from Peter "dreamy" Traskalik.
Another picture from Peter "dreamy" Traskalik.

Some pictures of Huub Coenen, scanned and finished by Rob Coenen with ArtEffect.

email: robbyboy@dds.nl
www: Picture-Partners

1. Paul Gascoigne for Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf" 21-Oct-96.

2. Eddy Achtenberg

3. Henke Larsson