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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.

ArtEffect 4
The Bestseller for the Amiga

ArtEffect 4 offers many new functions, and most parts have been reworked. The most noticable features are: heavily improved layers, indexed colors, improved color ranges, new filters and many optimizations.

Professionell Digital Image Processing
Natural Media Paint
Optimized Web Graphics




Looking for more native versions!
We are on the way to lacalizing more versions of ArtEffect. If you are interested in doing the translation of the locale catalog, please contact: Martin Steigerwald <m.steigerwald@haage-partner.com>

Review: ArtEffect Plugins-Collection
22. Aug. 2001: GFX-BASE released a review from Richard Kapp of our ArtEffect Plugins-Collection. Review

ArtEffect PlugIns-Collection now available
03. Aug. 2001: We added a special area that demonstrates all effects. In addition we are now supplying ArtEffect 2.5, because of problems with the border effects.
  • All details on the ArtEffect PlugIns-Collection
  • Samples of the border effects (the package contains 250 borders!)
  • Overview of the effects with samples

The ArtEffect Plugins Collections offers a comprehensive collection of sensational effects and postprocessfilters for the bestseller ArtEffect. The collection will be supplied with ArtEffect 2, so that one can start using it immediately.

ArtEffect Plugin Collection
29. July 2001:
Finally - the biggest effects and filters collection for ArtEffect is available. It consists of more then 333 loaders/savers, borders, filters and special effects.ArtEffect Plugins Collection

We heavily extended this collection since our first announcement. Now it also contains AE Superview with about 30 loader and saver modules.

Autolevel is a new filter that automatically corrects the contrast of a picture. This improves your scanned picture and those taken with a digital camera a lot. One of the best effects is Shine which adds a shine around objects. This effect is best know from the Glow icons. We also have a Glow effect that also adds a shine, but makes the object itself shine too.

It is important to mention, that Shine, Glow and most of the other effects (e.g. the popular "unsharp mask") will support layers or more specific: they can deal with the transparency of layers.

As a bonus we added the full version of ArtEffect 2. This version already support layers and so nearly all effects of this collection can be used. This makes the collection a full paint package.

This collection is the ideal and inexpensive tool to improve your scanned pictures and digital photos and to add amazing effects to them.
more - order now

20. July 2001: Toolbars for AmigaWriter and ArtEffect
The team of Thomas Peterseim, Heinz Andreolla, Marco Schärfchen and Oliver Tacke kindly allowed us to publish their new toolbars for AmigaWriter and ArtEffect.

Download AE-Toolbars | AW-Toolbars

10. July 2001: Why is there no PPC-version of ArtEffect or its Plugins?
There were some requests of Amiga people on that topic, so we decided to do a statement on it. The German version was done some days ago - here is the English one: Statement.

18. June 2001:
ArtEffect Plugins Collection
The ArtEffect Plugins Collections offers a comprehensive collection of sensational effects and postprocessfilters for the bestseller ArtEffect. The collection will be supplied with ArtEffect 2, so that one can start using it immediately. more

27. February 2001:
ArtEffect colorful
Did you ever wonder why the toolbar of ArtEffect is looking so drab? Then you will certainly like the new one that offers full 256 colors - and it also matches the product cover:

Download: AE40-NewToolbar.lha
Download: AE40-NewToolbar.readme

25. October 2000:
ArtEffect workshop for download
The popular workshop that shows the powerful functions and effects of ArtEffect is now available as an archive for download.

14. September 2000:
ArtEffect Workshop reworked
Due to the development of ArtEffect there were some inconsistencies in the old workshop, but those are settled now. We also redesigned the complete website. In 12 chapters you experience the amazing functions and effects of ArtEffect.

25 Apr 2000: ArtEffect 4.0 available
The 4th version of the popular graphics package for image processing and natural media painting comes with scads of new features and improvements.

This time most improvements deal with layers and make them one of the most powerful and flexible features of ArtEffect. ArtEffect 4 will be delievered on a CD-ROM full of fonts, clipart and workshops. Newsorder

26 Oct 99: ArtEffect 3.0.11 Update
A free patch for ArtEffect 3.0 is available on our ftp server.

19 April 99:
3 more locales for ArtEffect 3
We just uploaded the locale files for Czech, Dansk and Francais to our ArtEffect FTP area. Support

Color Separator for ArtEffect
AE.ColorSeparator makes it possible for the first time to prepare pictures directly for the four color printing (CMYK).

Native version of ArtEffect
In our continual effort to support the Amiga world-wide we have increased the number of native languages for our mainstream products ArtEffect and AmigaWriter. ArtEffect now supports 12 languages and AmigaWriter supports 8. Some more are on the way and will be made available soon. Besides the localized user interface (GUI) we are also working on native manuals, installers, spell checkers etc. More

28-Feb-98: PlugIn for Digital Camera
There is a free PlugIn to load pictures from KODAC DC20 camera into ArtEffect 2.5.

10-Nov-97: New low-cost tablet from Wacom!
PenPartner from Wacom is a small and inexpensive new graphics tablet for the Amiga. Info

25-Sept-97: Workshop for ArtEffect
We are proud to present -world exclusive- the first interactive workshop for ArtEffect in the Internet. The author Robert Deryck did this for his pedagogy studies. Start!

09-Jul-97: New PowerEffects for ArtEffect
Nine (9) sensational new Effects are in PowerEffects 2. Besides FishEye, Patchwork, FalseColor, Pointize, HalfTone and Crystalize, the highlights are certainly: Lightning and LensFlares.
The author of this Plug-In is Simon Brett Edwards who is well-known for his graphics program Image Engineer.
Here are 19 exploding examples. ATTENTION: heavy graphics !!!

01-Jul-97: ArtEffect now officially supports PNG. Link

text improved by alexis dinno (www.doyenne.com)


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ArtEffect PlugIns

PowerEffects 1
PowerEffects 2
PowerPC Effects

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92% SAM, 89% Amiga Computing, 87% Amiga Plus

Swedish Amiga-Magazine SAM gave ArtEffect 1.5 a rating of 92%

The readers of German AmigaPlus magazine voted ArtEffect 1.0 "Product of the Year 1996".

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