AmigaOS 3.9

Get boinged

Sample 3.9 Workbench screen from Petra Struck of (click to get the full view!).
These pictures show ACTION; the AVI and Quicktime movie player.
AMPlifier with a special OS 3.9 skin.
The CD-ROM file system CacheCDFS.
The new program start bar AmiDOCK...
... and its preferences.
The new clock with a special "Boing" design.
DefIcons is responsible for file type recognition.
The new file requester preferences editor.
A fast and powerful FIND utility. You can search for filenames or for text within files.
Animated Icons are ideal for designing your Workbench. These are simple animations with a special tooltype.
If you own a Zip or Jaz drive, these tools will help you manage them.
RAWBInfo is a new information window that is far more powerful than the old one. e.g. it displays the size of a drawer, and the number of files that are in it.
ViNCEd is a powerful new Shell for the Amiga. It has all the features you've ever wanted in a shell, and everything can be configured with a special tool.
This new prefs program allows you to take control over WarpOS.
The Workbench prefs of OS 3.5 offers a lot more options now...

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