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AmigaOS 3.9's hardware requirements are identical to that of OS 3.5.

AmigaOS 3.9 is a Software-only Update w/o ROMs. (However, it needs Kickstart 3.1 ROMs to operate!)

AmigaOS 3.9 is the Update for OS 3.5--but it can also be installed directly on top of an OS 3.1 system.

Features of AmigaOS 3.9


  • AsyncWB - adds asynchronous copying and delete functionality to Workbench

ACTION - AVI & Quicktime Player

  • plays AVI and Quicktime videos
  • highly optimized 68k version

AMPlifier - MP3/WAV/AIFF Player

  • plays MP3, WAV, and AIFF sound files
  • paulaaudio.device (there is no need to install AHI)

MPEGA.Library - Software MP3 Decoder

  • 68k and PPC version

PlayCD - New CD Player

  • plays music CDs
  • new animated skin system
  • programmable

CacheCDFS - CD ROM Support (*3.5)

  • CacheCDFS - CD-ROM File System
  • ISO9660, RockRidge, Joliet (Win 95/98) and MAC HFS compatible
  • supports Amiga protection bit and file comments
  • MultiSession CD-ROM support
  • CDFSPrefs - Preferences tool for CacheCDFS
  • BootCacheCDFS - Loads CacheCDFS reset resident for JumpStart
  • Autoboot InstallCDFS - Installer script for easy installation of CD-ROMs
  • FindDevice - Tool to search for connected CD-ROM drives

AWEB 3.4 Special Edition - Internet Browser

  • works online and offline
  • supports HTML 3.0 and most of HTML 4.0
  • supports JavaScript

Main limitations in this special version:
- only runs on AmigaOS 3.9 and higher
- only supports one browser window
- supplied documentation is limited
- hotlist cannot be saved
- no graphical print function

Internet / Network Access - TCP/IP Stack

  • connects your Amiga to the Internet
  • easy selection of Internet Service Providers
  • connects to other computers (LAN)
  • full version; no time-limit

AmigaMAIL - E-Mail Client (*3.5)

  • easy to configure and use
  • based on the e-mail library

AmiDOCK - Program Start Bar

  • easy to use program start tool like the Apple "Klickstarter", but far more powerful
  • add new programs with drag & drop

RAWBInfo & several other tools

  • RAWBInfo - a powerful new info requester
  • NewIconEmu - emulates NewIcons on the new system
  • colorwheel.gadget - new color wheel with true color support
  • gradientslider.gadget - new gradient slider
  • string.gadget - new string gadget with lots of functions
  • ASLPatch - a new file selector

Automatic file type recognition

  • DefIcons is a powerful system that defines which application is launched when a file is double-clicked
  • very flexible and powerful

Improved Libraries & System Tools

  • new icon.library
  • patches to workbench.library
  • patches to intuition.library
  • new API functionality
  • additional products

Find & Clock

  • Find tool (files, and within files)
  • Workbench clock (Animated Icon)
  • new text.datatype

IomegaTools - tools for Zip and Jazz drives

New Shell & many other tools

  • ViNCEd - powerful Shell with history, etc.
  • diskfont.library - bugfixes and new fontcaching
  • FixFonts - cache management
  • More - bugfixes
  • BenchTrash - new trashcan
  • mathieeedoubbas - bugfixes
  • mathieeedoubtrans - bugfixes
  • mathieeesingtrans - bugfixes
  • rexxmathlib.library

Unpacker Tool

  • tool to support the DefIcon system and xad.library
  • decrunchs lha, lzx, zip and many others
  • easy to use

XAD Library - Universal Decruncher System

  • decrunchs lha, lzx, zip and many others

Picture Datatype - New Improved Version

  • PowerPC/68K fat binary
  • supports picture scaling

Improved Prefs

  • Workbench - new features: title bar on/off, icons in FastRAM, fuel gauge on/off, etc.
  • IPrefs - now uses the scaling features of the new picture datatype & 1:1 aspect ratio of all window borders
  • AHI prefs
  • ScreenMode prefs - added "Test" button
  • WBPattern - select button for scaling feature
  • IControl

Glow Icons - New Icon Style (*3.5)

  • new complete icon set for all system tools
  • new icons for most applications

WarpOS - New Version

  • WarpOS PowerPC support
  • AmigaOS compatible integration
  • extensive functionality
  • hardware independent driver system

WarpOS prefs

  • direct control over the features of WarpOS

HDToolBox - Harddisk Toolkit (*3.5)

  • scanning the SCSI bus
  • read the physical information of the hard disk
  • read/write the logical information (RDB)
  • create Mount files
  • read special Mount entries to restore the RDB
  • HDToolBox application that uses the low-level library
  • new GUI style

NSDPatch -Support for Harddisks >4GB (*3.5)

  • L:FastFileSystem - adds 64-bit support according to the new style device based trackdisk64 standard
  • NSDPatch - integrated into SetPatch
  • implements a standard for 64-bit devices
  • adds support for NSD to a lot of standard and third-party devices (many different scsi devices, ide devices ...)
  • allows access to partitions and disks > 4GB
  • fixes bugs in certain devices (mfm.device, some SANA II devices)

HDwrench.library (*3.5)

  • supports drives beyond 4 gigabytes, up to the limit of SCSI disk addressability

Text-Editor-Gadget (*3.5)

  • supports ReAction/ClassAct
  • support for text styles (bold, italic & underline)
  • multi-level undo & redo
  • support for alignment (left, center & right)
  • separators with an optional title
  • supports marking via the mouse or the keyboard (using shift)
  • supports all types of fonts (proportional, fixed, even colour fonts)
  • floating wordwrap, i.e. text automatically reflows if you resize the window (though optional hard-wrap is also possible)
  • interface for arexx support

(*3.5) These programs were already part of OS 3.5



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