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This is the application area for the new AmigaOS Developer Network (DEVNET). DEVNET has been established to provide a small number of developers and companies with the latest information and support on AmigaOS developments.

The DEVNET is completely free of charge, but only a very limited number of people will be able to join it. This is simply because we can not support hundreds of developers and so we have to select those developments that will need in depth information and support. All other developers will get access to important information throught developer CD-ROMs or the homepage of Amiga (www.amiga.de).

This Developer Network will be run solely by HAAGE&PARTNER. Please do not ask Amiga Inc. or Amiga Intl. any questions concerning the Network. Thank you very much for your understanding.

All developers and companies that have important developments in the marketplace or are just investigating or developing new products for AmigaOS 3.5 should fill in the following form to apply for the DEVNET.

Please be aware that you will need to fit the following criteria:

All participants will have to sign a contract, and will not be allowed to pass on any information or data, which he will be receiving during the development, to third parties.

Communication will only be through a closed mailing list, in the English language.

In case you want to contact us besides, please write to: aosdev@haage-partner.com

Application is only possible via the Internet. Should we accept you for DEVNET, you will receive a confirmation from us shortly.
To our regret it is most likely that we will not be able to take all those who are interested. We hope you will understand this. Thank you very much.

Please enter the following information:

First name  
ZIP code  

Some important information:

For how long have you been developing for the Amiga?

Have you been a subscribed developer before? Where?


What products do you have in the marketplace?

Do these products support AmigaOS 3.5?

  no yes not completely

What products do you plan for the (near) future:

What category do your products belong to:
  Shareware Freeware Commercial

What compiler system are you using?

Do you want to give us some additional information?

Remark: The following questions are not essential so they can be skipped.

What operating systems have you already worked with on a regular basis?

AmigaOS MacOS AtariST  
Linux UNIX Novell  
Win95/98 WindowsNT Win3.x DOS

Which computer do you own?

Amiga Macintosh UNIX PC Windows PC

Which Amiga-systems do you own, and how are they equipped?

  Amiga 1 Amiga 2 Amiga 3
Amiga system
Processor 68k
Processor PPC
Hard disk
Graphics card
Sound card
Network card

Thank you very much for your application.
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