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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.

AmigaWriter 2.2
The Professional Word Processor

  • MSWord (TM) Import
  • FinalWriter (TM) Import
  • Wordworth (TM) Import
  • TrueType Support with AntiAliasing
  • Brochure Print

Writing, processing and designing of text will always be a standard task for computers. The same goes for the Amiga. Although there are more and more voice recognition systems in use, this will only obviate typing text with the keyboard. Doing layout, correcting and printing continue to need the features of an excellent word processor.

More details of the 2.0 features


Toolbars for AmigaWriter
The team of Thomas Peterseim, Heinz Andreolla, Marco Schärfchen and Oliver Tacke kindly allowed us to publish their new toolbars for AmigaWriter.

Download | AW-Toolbars

AmigaWriter 2.2
AmigaWriter 2.2 offer two important new features and two bug fixes:

  • FinalWriter import (incl. paragraph + char format)
  • WordWorth import (ASCII only)
  • improved TurboPrint support
  • corrected Word import

The free patch for AmigaWriter 2.0 and 2.1 can be downloaded from our FTP server. Download. There is also a new demo: AmigaWriter 2.2 Demo

AmigaWriter 2.0 available
This long-awaited version is available now. It has a lot of powerful features – highlights are: Word import, TrueType support with Antialiasing and brochure print.
NewsThe detailed 2.0 features

AmigaWriter 2.2 Demo
The demo of the new AmigaWriter can be downloaded from our FTP server.

AW Mailing List
You may want to join our AmigaWriter mailing list to exchange your ideas and problems with other users. Register

Rating of the Press:

"Very Good"
(Amiga Magazine 9/98)

"AmigaWriter is the first and only Amiga word processor with footnote management deserves this expression." (Amiga Special 12/98)

"The first version of AmigaWriter is already a good word processor.", "85%" (Amiga Plus 10/98)

A demo version is available on our FTP server. Download

Complete Features List




The concept of AW
is based on boxes
which can contain
any elements.

Platform independent standards

AmigaWriter will be the first word processor developed on the Amiga that uses concepts and technologies standard in text systems on other platforms. The flexible expandibility of a typical Amiga application is also used in AmigaWriter, and allows the extension of its external functionality. Commercial-, shareware- and freeware-developers will add new loaders and savers for different text and image formats and expand AmigaWriter with features superior to the standard applications on other platforms.

Boxes are very
flexible. The color
of the border and the
background can
also be set.

Ease of use

It will be incredibly easy with AmigaWriter to perform tasks like selecting a new font or defining the actual screen resolution. You wont have to struggle with badly designed requesters, no complicated mouse acrobatics are necessary to select paragraph formats. Cooperating with experienced users we designed a superb graphic user interface concept that our developers then implemented. Things like WYSIWYG note editing–be they at the end of the actual page, chapter or document–will be standard, of course.

You are able to
adjust the screen

Amiga look and feel

The interface makes full use of the Amiga's multitasking capabilities. So nearly every requester is non-modal (that means you can leave it open while working on the document, other requesters, or the preferences windows). This is especially noticable in the paragraph format dialog. You can set tabulators by typing their values into a requester, or by clicking on the horizontal ruler of the document while leaving the requester opened. It's not everyday you get to have it both ways at the same time! Fast loading and saving of documents are also features that distinguish the Amiga.

Paragraph formats
are the basis for
many powerful

Full paragraph control

The paragraph requester will satisfy (almost) all your wishes. Special features are: Connected chapter and page format and a huge number of options for setting tabulators. You can create a paragraph format and set a chapter format for it, which greatly eases formatting of floating text. By applying the paragraph format you can not only change font settings and text alignment but also the look of the actual chapter. There is no easier automation than this one.

You can have
more than one
master page.

Page formats and chapter management

With AmigaWriter you can create more than one page format–a feature not seen on many word processors. A page format can even be linked to a paragraph. You can use this to set different layout and text formatting options for the chapters of a book. For example, you can set a page format in the paragraph format for beginning a chapter, and that can be different from the page format used for the list of contents.

Flexible page
numbering is
good for any
type of document.

Open for different image formats

Embedding and printing graphics are no longer unique features of desktop publishing programs! Using a flexible import interface, AmigaWriter can load graphics in the IFF and JPEG formats. But it can also use AmigaOS datatypes, enabling you to place pictures of the most exotic format in the text.

You will grow to love AmigaWriter immediately! It is simple to learn: if you are used to working with other word processors you will have no problems at all with AmigaWriter.

AmigaWriter Screen 1

AmigaWriter Screen 2

AmigaWriter Screen 3

Click to get a full view!


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