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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.

AmigaWriter News
MSWord import

TrueType support
with anti-aliasing

Font substitution

AmigaOS 3.5

Printing of booklets,
landscape printing,
tiled printing

True color printing
even without a
graphics board

Very fast black&white

Faster output on

Improved image cache

Many other
New functions of version 2.0:

1. MSWord-Import

AmigaWriter 2.0 is able to import MSWord 8 (MSWord 95) documents. The following properties of the documents are supported:

a) The text itself including all umlauts and European special characters, but not Unicode (Japanese, etc.).

b) Paragraph formatting such as alignment (left, right, aligned, centered), indentation, tab stops, row distance, paragraph distance, etc.

c) Character formatting such as font, size, style (bold, italics, underlined, strikeout, small caps), color etc.

MSWord documents are automatically recognized and loaded; it is not necessary to call a special import command.

TrueType Font Engine

AmigaWriter now features a TrueType font engine. This has a number of advantages over using the AmigaOS font engine:

a) On-screen anti-aliasing: For the first time it is possible to sensibly work with 8 or 10 point fonts on an Amiga computer.

b) Simple font installation: Any directory that contains TrueType font files can simply be added to the font path. No files in addition to the .ttf files are needed and there is no necessity for a separate font installation program.

3. Font substitution

It is important that AmigaWriter allows for the substitution of unknown fonts with fonts available in the system, particularly with respect to import of MSWord documents.

Every time AmigaWriter encounters a reference to a font that can not be found it opens a dialog window (with preview) for choosing a replacement font.

The actual font name does not get lost in the document, the font is only substituted in the screen display.

Font substitution also allows you to choose a different style (e.g. substitute Helvetica Black with Triumvirate + Bold).

The font substitution table is saved along with the program preferences.

4. AmigaOS 3.5 Support

AmigaWriter supports all new features AmigaOS 3.5 offers for printer output:

a) You can choose one of the 10 printer units to easily switch e.g. between printer output, fax output and network printing.

b) Print margins can be obtained from the printer driver.

c) The user interface adapts itself to the driver and displays additional information about the selected print resolution, etc.

5. Printing of booklets, landscape printing, tiled printing

AmigaWriter is now capable of printing on A4 pages or letter envelopes in landscape orientation.

Booklet printing allows for the simple creation of booklets with double-sided printing. When printing, two A5 pages are printed onto one sheet of A4 paper. In combination with double-sided printing all it takes is to crease the paper along the middle to obtain the finished booklet. The exact placement of the pages on the paper is handled entirely by AmigaWriter.

Tiled printing enables you to print any number of pages (e.g. 3 pages top-down, and 2 pages across) on a single sheet of paper, e.g. for printing business cards.

6. True color printing even without graphics board

All image processing is performed without resorting to the AmigaOS graphics libraries or third party graphics drivers. This enables users who do not own a graphics board to perform true-color printing on any system with OS 3.5 and/or Turboprint. On OS 3.1 systems without graphics board there are still 4096 colors available.

This also eliminates the annoying background screen that up to know had to be opened during printer output.

7. Very fast black&white printing

You can instruct AmigaWriter to perform all graphics processing in black&white only. This is very fast and memory-conserving.

8. Fast output on ECS/AGA

AmigaWriter can be configured to utilize a special 4-color mode for all display operations. This results in only four colors (black, white, grey, blue) being used for all screen displays, even on screens with higher color depths (such as 256 colors). All images are displayed in black&white only. This mode gains a lot of speed on machines with a fast CPU (68060 or PPC) and AGA graphics.

9. Improved image cache

The original image data is held in a cache, eliminating the need for frequent reloads when scrolling text or printing the document.

10. Many other improvements have found their way into AmigaWriter 2.0…

Among them are:

a) The AmigaWriter: assign is set automatically upon program start (if not already present).

b) The settings and document directories are created automatically if necessary.

c) The ASL requester for loading and saving documents acts a lot more sane and does not always return to the document directory.

d) Graphics glitches that occurred when scrolling and near boxes that were close to page borders have been corrected.

e) improved memory management

text improved by alexis dinno (www.doyenne.com)