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04. December 2000 [new]
Amiga-News & Vesalia at WOA

Petra Struck and the amiga-news.de team will be at the booth of the Amiga-Club. Vesalia finally also decided to join the show.

So we have a new exhibitors list: exhibitors

04. Dezember 2000
The show start at 11 o'clock on Sunday

Unfortunately we are not allowed to open the show before 11 o'clock on Sunday. But there will be an OS 3.9 seminar which is limited to 100 people.

29. November 2000 [new]
What you will see at the show... ?

We have done a new page with all the new products that you will see at the show. Unfortunately this page is still in German only News2.

24. November 2000
Exhibitors Themes now in English ;)

Thanks to Dirk Harlaar this text is available in English now.


23. November 2000
More News on the WOA 2000

  • Hourly Presentations
  • Seminars on OS 3.9, Hardware, Software

This is an abstract of an official mailing we just sent to 10.000 German customers:

Dear Amiga fan,

To go on with tradition we decided to organize this years World Of Amiga in Cologne. It is not the old location, but a much nicer one: The MediaPark that is located in the center of Cologne. The MediaPark also offers a huge Multiplex kino center, book shops and much more.

The show will be held in a hall and a foyer (MediaPark No. 7). The presentations and seminars will be held in a big seperate room.




02. November 2000
Announcement of WOA 2000

Now it is official - the first AMIGA-only show since years will again be held in Cologne. From 9.-10. December the MediaPark in Cologne will be the destination for all AMIGA fans.

The highlight of the show will be the first official presentation of the new AmigaOS 3.9. This day sales of AmigaOS 3.9 will start too. There will also be hourly seminars on AmigaOS 3.9 and other interesting AMIGA Software and Hardware.

There will be a lot of dealers and manufacturers as well as Bill McEwen, who will tell his vision of the AMIGA future to the AMIGA fans.

Interesting Lins:

Information on Cologne:
The MediaPark: mediapark.de


The official banners:

Please place these banners on your homepage with a link to: http://www.haage-partner.de/actions/woa2000