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  Exhibitors & Themes

The temporary exhibitor list:
Amiga Inc.
Amiga Active
Amiga Club
Amiga Future
Amiga News
Cool Bits
DreiEinHalb Computer
ELBOX Computer
epic interactive
Haage&Partner Computer
individual computers
KDH Datentechnik
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500 x 650 (45k)

1000 x 1300 (140k)
  The themes of the exhibitors

The World of Amiga 2000 is a
pure Amiga-show. The exhibitors offer you information concerning Amiga-hard- and software. Of course there will also be some exhibitors, who show and offer hardware-peripherals such as hard-disks, printers and digicams. The visit will be worth it for you in all respects!


redaction of the biggest Englisch Amiga magazine offers you the latest issue, and of course also the issues of the past months. Maybe you missed an issue, and want to complete your collection.


The Amiga Future is since issue 27 fully published and distributed by the
redaction. By now, the future of Amiga Future has been secured for at least one subscribtion-period Of course there is also an exhaustive homepage (www.amigafuture.de) with recent news and much more. The news is normally updated several times a day. At the show in Cologne, the members of the redaction try to anser your all questions. There might even be a little surprise for you in store.

AmigaPlus powered by AmigaOS

Falke Verlag

Ali Goukassian and Thomas Raukamp will answer your questions about
AmigaPlus. The December-issue of AmigaPlus will be in stock, as well as other interesting products by Falke Verlag.

Cool Bits

Martin Strobel from Cologne helps you with all your hardware-problems, that you encounter with your Amiga. He is specialised in Amiga repairs. At his stand you can see the
OCR-Textrecognition by the firm Innovative/Felix Scharz: At last again a professional textrecognition for the Amiga. Above that, CoolBits offers the products of KDH and Vesalia, because those two Amiga dealers can't make it to the show, due to time restrictions. Still, you won't have to miss out on anything.


...is famous for
extremely good prices. And not only concerning the Amiga. At Dreieinhalb you can find hardware peripherals for all purposes.

ELBOX Computer

Brandnew and very timely is the
Mediator PCI Board for the A1200. At the show the Voodo3 Graphicsboard with the recently finished software-driver will be presented. Everyone can assure himself of the speed of this sensation. Also, a TV-Tuner board should already be ready to run, and will be presented. As highlight, the SharkPPC, the G3/G4-board for the Mediator, should be be shown.


Martin Wolf presents the latest version of the game
Tales of Tamar. At the stand you can talk directly with mr. Neidhardt, author of EaSys. This product will be presented by mr. Neidhardt in the seminar-room.

Individual Computers

At the stand of Individual Computers, you can find novelties from the hardware-world. The manufacturor of well-known products such as Catweasel, Buddha, X-Surf Ethernet and IDE-fix show four new products at once:: The
Lyra-keyboardadaptor makes connecting of PC-keyboards to the Amiga possible. Every key gets a purpose, and it has been assured, that the Amiga-keyboardfeeling remains.
At last again an ISDN-board for the Amiga is on sale. The
"ISDN-Surfer" makes the direct connection to the ISDN-S0-Bus possible, so that one doesn't have any loss in transferspeed through a Modem or a ISDN-Terminaladapter. This board will even come with a telephone-modul, which will transform the Amiga to a fully fledged ISDN-telephone. The ISDN-Surfer is a Zorro-board, but mr. Schönfeld of Individual Computers would not deny or confirm the rumours, that there will be an A1200 version.

The Amiga-fans of the first days also get something to their likings: For the first time on the WOA 2000 Individual Computers show the Kickstart-enhancement
"Kickflash" for the A1000 and the A500. A 1MB sized Flash-Rom can take all kickstarts from V0.9 through V3.1, and because of the flash size, one is prepared for newer versions as well. The enhancement is plugged externally into the computer, and offers two more interfaces: One for an A2000 Turboboard and a Zorro-interface. With this, one can breath new life into an A1000!

You will also find a preview at Individual Computers, or should that be prehear?: The
Repulse soundboard (Zorro-board) by Aliendesign (www.aliendesign.net) is being produced at IC, and will be available as if the first quartor 2001. Those who are interested in this board, can get a first glance of the prototypes at the WOA. Wether Aliendesign - the 4-men developersteam of the Repulse - will be at the WOA, couldn't be found out before the redaction closed. For more current information about that, please visit our internet-site www.amigamesse.de.


Stefan Ossowski comes with his tried and tested products as well as some new things. Aminet® and the Aminet® set CD will be available in their latest versions. The Amiga emulator
"Amiga Forever" offers many improvements in version 4.0, and contains above that the "Deathbed Vigil Video" and much more.


We perform best under pressure. In time for the show, the new
AmigaOS3.9 will be ready for sale. You can find further information about this on the page before last. Also, a german book about OS3.9 will be ready in time, and can not just be seen.
our compilersystem
StormC 4 has been completely redesigned over the past two years. The presentation on the show will convince every developer of the unique power of this tool. Visit our seminars, and you will learn unthought of capabilities of your Amiga.
Another novelty in our product range is the German translation of the
ImageFX manual, including the updates to version 4.1.