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Raffle "500.000"


And the winners of our "555.555" raffle are...

It happened on 19. February 2000: we proudly welcomed the 555.555. visitor on our website. As always there were many people that saw this number, but this was only a part of the condition to win. We got 22 entries and so we decided to have 3 winners. Congratulations and many thanks to all that took part :)

Frank Wieschus

He was the first in my mailbox (sorted by date/time)

Michael Rupp (CH)

His date came into my mailbox first.

Roman Frontczak (PL)

Special prize: our additional counter showed the lowest number - "423"

Note to our access counter

Unfortunately, recently some participants of our raffle doubt the results. For that reason we will give some explanations on that:

We are using a commercial counter hosted at www.webhits.de. It is not hosted on our web server!

The counter has a reload block, that means that when you access our site your current IP number of your Internet access computer will be transmitted to Webhits. When you come back to our site within 6 hours your access will not increase our counter!

During the final stage of the raffle the following things will happen: you logged in our homepage for the first time. You will see a counter like 555.550. Your connection IP is stored at Webhits and blocked for the following 6 hours. No matter how often you will click "Reload" this will not increase the counter. Meanwhile, 5 _new_ visitors will access our homepage - and they will increase the counter to 555.555. Now you and many others will reload our page again and what will you see? 555.555 - because none of you will be able to increase the number because of the reload block! After a while a _new_ visitor will come and increase the number to 555.556 - and that is the end!

For that reason many visitors will be able to see the "right" counter number (!) and therefor we modified the winning condition to the first one that hits my mailbox.

What to win ?

That is up to you :)


Who will win ?

Visitor no. 500.000 and 535.353 and 555.555

You are visitor no.: .

Winning Conditions !

According to our experience, there are always more than one surfer that gets this number shown. In that case the one wins that sends us a proof in form of a screen dump, the time of his visit and a photo of himself first. So the winner is the one that comes first into my mailbox with the necessary items...

Additonal conditions:

1. You have to use an Amiga web browser.

2. Your screenshot has to show the Amiga browser window with this page and all counters.

3. Your e-mail hast to be sent with an Amiga mail program.

4. You have to send all this to webmaster@haage-partner.com

We wish you all the best... !!!

All is subject to changes without further notice!


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