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Action "400.000"


HyperCOMWhat to win ?

This time you can win a HyperCOM highspeed multiple serial/parallel card (HC 4+ for Zorro bus or HC 3 Plus for Amiga1200) that is donated by its manufacturer VMC.

More information on HyperCOM cards

GenesisBonus !

Additionally the winner will get a GENESiS package, the professional solution for Internet and Intranet connections. If there is more than one candidate, it will be decided by drawing lots.

More information on GENESiS

Who will win ?

The 400.000 visitor! You are visitor no.: webhits.

According to our experience, there are often more than one surfer that gets the right number shown. In that case we have to select one. In that case the one wins that sends us a proof in form of a screen dump, the time of his visit and a photo of himself first.

Mail to webmaster@haage-partner.com

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